The paintings of Sage Tucker Ketcham investigate intentional and psychological relationships between color, form, and space. Inspired by themes related to American Regionalism, Tucker-Ketcham’s oil paintings upon first glance are accessible traditionalist rural landscapes, however, closer inspection reveals conversations between buildings and manicured landscapes that are intentional abstract compositions revealing a conceptual subterfuge about human connection and relationship dynamics. 

These paintings are process driven with an emphasis on composition and color theory. They are constructed layer by layer with attention to high contrast color combinations  The color palette is observationally inspired by interesting atmospheric moments. Shapes are painted over and over again by the time a painting is complete, any given area may be repainted with a different color combination up to ten times until the right color combination clicks.  Her subject matter are mountains, buildings, and shrubbery; together they form a relational narrative through strategic placements within the landscape. The goal is to develop an aesthetically accessible visual language that also activates a range of emotions.